19 MAR 2012

Paul Celebrates International Women's Day by Participating in Shadowing Scheme in Westminster

Paul Uppal celebrated International Women's Day today by inviting his constituent Fiona Jones to shadow him for the day in Parliament. Fiona is a student from Wolverhampton Grammar School and was invited due to her strong interest in politics and participation in student government.

Fiona and Paul attended a number of events to mark the day, among them the debate in the chamber on International Women's Day and afternoon tea with the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt. Hon John Bercow, in the Speaker's House.

The theme for the day was 'Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures'. MPs from across all parties were encouraged to take part and inspire young women who are interested in politics or taking a leading role in the community by inviting them to Parliament.

Paul said: " I was absolutely delighted to see so many MPs taking part and inspiring the next generation of future leaders. I hope that the young women have enjoyed seeing their MPs in action and leave with a positive message about political life and how they can become involved and make a difference. It is important that we continue to work to open up the representation of Parliament and perhaps in a few years some of the young women will return as MPs".

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Dissolution of Parliament

Much of the content on this website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the Election on 7 May 2015.


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